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A good criminal defense attorney like Marvin Lizama works very closely with his clients in order to present a solid, effective defense. Through his advocacy, it’s possible that some clients’ criminal charges might be resolved before they would ever go to court.

When you’ve been charged with a crime, whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor, drugs, violence, sex or another crime, you want an attorney with experience and a good track record. Marvin Lizama offers all that and a personal interest in defending you.

With Lizama Law, you can be assured of a proper criminal defense for

•    federal crime
•    domestic abuse
•    domestic violence
•    rape, sex abuse or sexual assault
•    spousal abuse
•    child molestation
•    DUI, DWI
•    drug crimes (including meth lab, transporting or selling drugs)
•    violent crimes
•    fraud or embezzlement
•    expunging public records of an arrest

Marvin Lizama understands your circumstances.

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